Nordic AML Meeting 2023

Radisson BLU Royal Hotel Bergen, Norway

The Nordic AML meeting is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest clinical and scientific developments in the field of AML. The meeting will feature great keynote speakers from both Nordic countries and around the world. We will have an exciting program that covers a broad range of topics, including novel therapies, clinical trials, genetics, and molecular biology.
We are also excited to offer a poster session, and submission is still open. In addition, poster
presentations from previous conferences as well as interesting case reports are welcome.

MRD webinar

Thank you to the panelists of our MRD webinar 2023-10-10. For a recording of the webinar use this link.

Nordic AML webinar

Thank you to all participants for taking part in the Nordic AML webinar 2023-11-08. For a recording of the webinar use this link.

Myeloid Neoplasia StemCellTransplant (MNSCT) Nordic workshop

We are thrilled to invite you all to the first MNSCT workshop. The program is planned by a scientific committee from the Swedish-Norwegian BMT-group and the Swedish AML-group. The overarching aim of this meeting is to stimulate discussions around topics within the Nordic community. Please register for this event using this link (deadline 2023-10-27). Click here for more […]

Webinar – Immunotherapy: a new perspective for AML maintenance treatment?

Agenda Download a recorded version of the webinar using this link. Find the HCP guide for Ceplene on this link. Ceplene can be ordered with the Nordic item number (Vnr.) 46 54 33, through: Oriola in Sweden TMJ in Denmark Your local wholesaler, Apotek 1, NMD and Alliance in Norway --------------------------------------------- AML patients not candidates to […]

NAMLG TWG Meeting – I – 24-01-2024 15:30-16:30 CET

Link and passcode for Teams meeting sent separately. Agenda: Update on potential LD-VenEx amendment trial comparing poDEC/LD-VenEx vs. AZA/LD-VenEx (5 min + 10 min discussion). NAMLG – platform trial structure concept (5 min): Infrastructure with standing collaboration contracts (clinical trial agreement – CTA) and data processing agreements (DPAs) applicable for all types of trials. This […]

Early Response Evaluation by Single-Cell Signaling Profiling in AML

Webinar to be held January 25 at 16:00 This is in Standard Biotools’ (former Fluidigm) Scientist in the Spotlight series. More info and registration on this link. Hear about: Insights into AML response: Discover the initial signaling response to standard induction chemotherapy in a cohort of 32 AML patients.   Predicting 5-year survival: Learn about the significant predictors of patient […]

Nordic AML ‘poster walk’ post-ASH

Nordic AML posters at ASH 2023 - Webinar - 2024-03-12 - 15:00-16:20 (CET) Join us for a webinar where we delve into the intricacies of showcased Nordic AML posters at the latest ASH Annual Meeting in December 2023. Here we aim for an opportunity to gain valuable insights, connect with peers, and stay at the […]

CCBIO Seminar – Mika Kontro – Functional Screening for Precision Medicine Approaches in AML

Dr. Mika Kontro will discuss the methods for personalizing AML therapies using functional screening. He will provide an overview of the current data implementation and share insights from ongoing prospective trials employing functional screening. Furthermore, Dr. Kontro will focus on the VenEx trial, which utilizes ex vivo drug sensitivity testing to identify AML patients who […]

Nordic MPAL meeting

For more information, please contact Vladimir Lazarevic, Lund, Sweden. Join via Teams using this link.  

EHA Meeting: Nordic Lunch meeting

NAMLG lunch meeting to be held in Sponsor Meeting Hub (in Hall 9) between 11:30 and 13:30 on Saturday 15th June. Preliminary agenda 11:30-11:35: Welcome, v. Bjørn-Tore Gjertsen, Chairman 11:35-11:45 Remarks from the sponsor v. Delbert Pharma 11:45-12:25: NAMLG activities: 11:45-11:55: Scientific working group, Sören Lehmann 11:55-12:05: Educational working group, Albin Österroos/Daniel Tuyet Kristensen 12:05-12:25: […]